Parade Route

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Where to See The Parade

The Parade start location was moved in 2017 to take advantage of the increased pre-parade dockage available, reducing or eliminating the need for dozens of boats to circle around awaiting the parade start.

All two way boat traffic has been eliminated.  Boaters can’t get lost on the new route. Elimination of 180 degree turns and reduction in 90 degree turns greatly diminishes the disconnect in the turns, reducing the opportunity for large gaps to occur, and benefits night vision.

Eliminating the double back sections of the Parade route has shortened the Parade duration, reduces boater fatigue and is a tremendous benefit to smaller boats without on-board toilet facilities.

Boaters and their crews volunteer tremendous time, energy, capital and effort to create an extraordinary annual Christmas gift to the Community. The Saturday Night Before Christmas Eve Boat Parade is the largest annual event in the Isles, however 92% of Isles homeowners have no direct access to view the Parade. The route increases viewing opportunities, allowing those Isles homeowners not residing along the route a better opportunity to enjoy the event.

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