Where To See The Parade?







































The Parade route is within Punta Gorda Isles. Access to the parade route is from US 41 turning west on either Marion Avenue or Aqui Esta.

On the top right side of the parade route map, the intersection of Bal Harbor Blvd and Aqui Esta can be found.  Bal Harbor runs north south connecting Marion Avenue to Aqui Esta.

There are no specific, designated public viewing areas on the parade route, however  every year thousands of spectators find adequate viewing locations along the six mile route.

Do not use any location marked with no trespassing signs.

Drive along the route and find a location that you like.  Do not park on the street.  Many spectators bring chairs to reserve their spot very early on parade day.

Many boaters view the parade while anchored on the Rim Canal, however it is critical that they not encumber the parade.   Enter the Ponce Park Inlet from Charlotte Harbor until it intersects with the Rim Canal. Turn right and find an anchoring location along the mangroves.

Do not tie up to any private dock without verifiable, written permission in hand from the property owner of record.

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